Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sexy, Strange, Terrifying

Sexy, Strange, Terrifying: Question; Demons or pissed off spirits?
Rusalkas are supposedly female demons that prey on the men it seduces. They have been given many names, such as succubus, mermaids, and death: They are often described as beautiful women that lure men to them with their angelic voices and sexy appearances. Some say they are creations of hell (demons) others say, they are created when a woman (or a child) dies in a horrible way (ghost). Now, it is said that these things whatever they are, have drowned men, killed cattle, and steal children. The children are never found and no one ever sees them taken. So, how do they know these Rusalka are to blame. The strange part is, these man-killers are praised in some parts of the world. People believe they have some control over fertility. Hmmm. Makes me question why they would help create a child. Is it so they can take it?

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Deglon Blood Series

Join the Deglon in a battle for life. Enter a hidden world. A world swallowed by darkness. A world where good becomes evil and evil shows no mercy. Dark Secret are revealed, loyalties are tested, lovers are torn apart, and survival seems impossible.

Monday, June 22, 2015


Love: Question; Does love have limits? 

This question comes from a young, curious mind. More than anything I want to be able to answer this with certainty, but the truth is, this is a hard question for anyone.

I believe that true love is unconditional and has no limits. I also believe that are different kinds of love. One can love their friend, but there is a limit to how much love is given in a friend relationship. That type of love is not like the love one has for their child or spouse. You can love your pet, but again that love is also limited. I love bacon but will not risk my life for it.

Love is a word too often thrown around and at times not said enough. Just as many other words the word LOVE can have very little meaning. It is also the only word we use for a powerful emotion which can sometimes be the only thing holding life together.

Love is your body's longing for happiness and fulfillment. I can fill you with exhilaration and it can break you into a million pieces. It is the one pain and joy that we all wish for. Does it have limits? I'd say yes. What would you say?

Friday, June 19, 2015

The Devil's Curses

The Devil's Curses: Question; Fact or Myth, What do you believe? 

As we all may have heard, there are many beliefs about the devil's many curses. Me--although I do believe in curses I don't actually believe they all come from the devil. No matter where they come from I find some of them very interesting.

Here are a few that really intrigued me.

The eating curse: It is said that unknown forces make certain individuals eat until their inside actually explode. Can you imagine being able to knowingly eat like that? How long would it take for someone to get that much food into their bodies?

The obedience curse: This curse is supposedly placed upon you while you are sleeping. When you awake you are forced to do what ANYONE tells you to do. This one really got me. I couldn't even imagine this. People can make you do unspeakable things and you would have no choice but to do them. Scary!

Last but not least!

The whisper curse:  A evil entity whispers in your ear and you have to obey. This one is really scary. Not because of the evil beings that could make you do whatever they want you to, but because this happens all the time. People get locked up into mental institutions and prison because things they've done. Their reason; "the voices told me to." The sad thing is others automatically think INSANITY.  What do you believe?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Past Life

Past Life: Question; Do you believe our souls live many lives?

The idea that our souls can be reincarnated is almost scary, but at the same time it is warming to know that it is possible that when we are gone from one life that we may get to live another.

Not everyone believes in such a thing as a past life, but me--I do. Haven't you felt that you're supposed to be somewhere else? Not that you weren't meant to live the life you have, but at times you feel that there is something or someone unknown missing. If so, what if that feeling comes not from the life you are living but from a life already lived.

Just maybe you grew up already, worked, loved, suffered, succeeded in many lives already. Is it possible that we as people adapt as well as we do because we have done it all before? Perhaps I was a different race, gender, or being. Or maybe even an animal.

How can I tell? I have Deja vu more than the average person (I think). Could that be a real sign? And my dreams, some of them are so intense, more like memories. I have to write about them when I wake up. Half of them are so crazy there is no way they could be real, but they always feel real. I am a gifted now, but could I have been like before?

What do you think? Have we all lived in past lives?


I-Dosing: Question; A safe way to get high or another one of the million ways to kill our kid's brain cells?

What the hell is wrong with people?! I-Dosing? I never heard of this until recently. Teens around the country are getting high on the Internet! Really, with MP3s that induce a state of ecstasy. Crazy right? Apparently there are online dealers. Online drug dealers, WTF? Teens make a payment for their digital drugs and  get high through headphones. Supposedly this digital way of getting high gives the same effects of cocaine and weed. Question for me is, what could they possibly be listening to that could have that effect? Just when we think things are bad, they get worse. Please tell me your thoughts on this. Help me understand what is wrong with today's kids.


Planking: The Question: Fun entertainment or stupidity at its best?

Planking has been around for a long time now and many like to say that it is harmless fun. But I see danger every time I see it.
It's a crazy thing to do. Lying face down stiff in wacky places for a photo. Each planker trying to out-do each other by planking on objects or in odd positions. They are doing nothing but putting themselves and others in danger.
Many people get hurt or worse doing it. I just don't get it. Is it me or do the people today seem to look for the things that can get them hurt?
Please, tell me your thoughts on this.